Monday, May 31, 2010

Good Fortune Shoe

Dear Misfortune,
please go away from me, I've been a good girl, don't you think so? Don't you think my week has been bad enough, with my car accident last wednesday, and my wisdom tooth infected since saturday?

Maybe I would forgive you if you'd be nice enough to introduce me to your friend, Good Fortune, which would help me find this AMAZING Miu Miu's Spring 2010 Pink Satin Sparrow Pump in any good fashion boutique or online store. This would be the first official designer pair of shoes I would gift myself. Yes, you've heard it. I would spend 500-something dollars on a pair of shoes. Don't you think I deserve them? And they are SOOO CUTE. Even Mr. Louboutin, who makes the most amazing shoes on earth, did not create a pair of shoes as cute as them. And yes, I would take the 500-something dollars on the amount of money I have saved for a Chanel Quilted 2.55 bag, working hard as a waitress, during my studies, in Law School. You think I'm crazy? I think I'm not.

And don't you think the first day I'll go to court to plead my first cause would be even better if I would wear these amazing pumps?

And maybe some of my dear readers would help me find good fortune by telling me where I could find these amazing shoes ^^?

Sincerely yours,

PS: For those who are worried, no major injuries were caused to me. Just some pain on my neck and my ribs.


  1. Ohh I love them too dear:)

    They look so awesome indeed:)
    Have a magical day

  2. I think you deserve these. If you would like to circulate some sort of online petition to submit to the gods in charge of goood fortune I will be the first to sign it.

  3. sweetie, sue someone and you'll get the money for the miu miu's and the 2.55>:)
    did you check all the "traditional" online store? net-a-porter, myweardrobe&co?
    search them on polyvore, they sure have a link to a store:)

  4. Oh PRADA products... how you haunt me! ;)