Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Art and Jewels

As you might have read, it's been my birthday lately, and birthday sometimes rhymes with money and gifts! Here are the jewels I'm craving on (I bought some of them with the money I got for my birthday ^^).

By Bijoux Spoutnik (french website)

Just bought it this week-end. $25



Bought the teal one, 10$

By Uranium




By Kdikio Vintage


At Shop Ruche







Do you plan to update your jewellery collection? What are your favorite stores or brands?


  1. hola hola...
    te doy las gracias por seguirme...
    y bueno te comento que tienes un blog hermoso...
    me encanto y bueno ya te sigo...
    las imagenes son hermosas y las joyas ni si dega,,, lo que le sigue...
    aqui me tendras muy seguido...


  2. Thank you for commenting dear! you got my brain almost overheating by reading your comment (but it's a good thing), it's been a while since I haven't used spanish hi hi. And by visiting your blog, you made me practice a little bit hi hi. I'll keep on visiting you (and practicing spanish ^^).

  3. Thanks so much for linking to my (Vivi Dot) shop! Love your posts! xox Molly

  4. i am in a desperate need to update my jewelry collection! these pieces are all amazing! i love the rings! so bright and colorful! :-)


  5. I have to update my jewelry collection, I have some special piecing, from Vivienne Westwood and Asos, that I can use in every occasion, the thing is, people get tired of seeing me with them! I have to update. I adore your blog, is friendly, fashionable, and intimist!



  6. Beautiful jewelry! I really love the earings:)

  7. I'm in love with those first three oval rings. Although I don't think I would be happy unless I owned all three.

    Also, you commented that you wanted to know when I updated my vintage shop. Updates are Tuesday and Thursday nights. Links and times are available in the top of the post. XO

  8. As I can see, everybody loves bright colors! <3 Just came back from shopping and guess what? couldn't resist to those pretty rings I found on my way! Thank you girls for visiting me and commenting ^^