Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sweet Valley Fox

Summer is coming!!! I'm super excited and I can't keep my mind off from daydreaming about pools or beaches, playing tennis, getting a tan or wearing sunglasses and denim shorts. First brand coming to my mind? Wildfox! Let me present you their Summer 2011 look book Sweet valley Fox. Have fun! (and click on read more to see the full post)

PS: Guess who's probably gonna sing "California Gurls" or "California Dreamin'" for 10 days at the end of june...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Happy Sunday

What inspires me this week?

Summer, braids, 70s, wearing a lot of jewels at the same time, black eyeliner, fake lashes, Chanel jewelry, leather, blazers, red hair, denim jackets, retro style and make-up, crochets...

What about you?

Credits: c'est vogue, marionette, studded hearts, nasty gal, heidi slimane, note to selves, fashion gone rogue, knight cat

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Elizabeth and James Spring 2011 Look Book

To celebrate my birthday (yes, I turned 22 on April 28th) I wanted to share with you the look book of one of my favorite brands on the fashion market: Elizabeth and James. The Olsen twins are definitely fashion icons to me (though I must admit that some of their recent outfits at public appearances were questionable). I used to be a big fan of Mary-Kate's edgy style but as I'm growing up I relate more to Ashley's classy style.

I love the whole collection and I will definitely be inspired by the look book for my further spring/summer shopping (and I'll watch the sales in the hope of buying my first Elizabeth and James piece of clothing!). What do you think of the Olsen's creations? Which look is your favorite? (Click on read more to see the full look book).