Monday, April 26, 2010

Street Styling

Just visited LookBook and fell in love with the website and the members ^^. Here are my favorite streetstyle (each members are credited, so if you want to visit them, you're welcome). But, I'd like to be a member and I can't because I've got no invitation code. It means that I must have someone inviting me to be a member. Any of you are members? Can someone please invite me ??? I would appreciate. Oh and I just prepared my first outfit shoot! I'll post it tomorrow.




So Mary-Kate Olsen!



Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shopping fever at Forever 21

The super sunny we had today got me inspired for a summertime shopping spree. I stopped by Forever 21 (XXI in Canada) on St-Catherine street in downtown Montreal. With a small-medium budget (depends on your point of view) of a bit less than $100, here is what I bought. Outfit shots of me wearing them is about to come.


1.Garden Spaghetti Strap Dress, CAD $27.80
2.Summer Woven Dress, CAD $29.90
Dark Denim shorts! Only CAD $13.50!!! Unfortunately no pictures available yet :(.

1.Filigree Drop Earrings, CAD $4.80

both CAD $6.80

And when I'll have more money, here is what I plan to buy. Oh yeah, I caught the summer shopping fever. Catch my disease you all! But take care of your poor overheating wallets ;-).


1.Belted Zip Trim Dress, CAD $47.00
2.Floral Trim Woven Dress, CAD $29.90

1.Tier Front Floral Top, CAD $17.80

1.Studded Double Buckle Belt, CAD $7.80
2.Katee Woven Belt, CAD $11.80
3.Antique Studded Twist Belt, CAD $9.80

1.Pewter Pyramid Stud Boot, CAD $33.80

2.Patent Peep Toe Heels, CAD $27.80

What you think of my buys and my picks? Any styling ideas?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Mod Cloth: my fave picks

ModCloth began by selling only true vintage pieces and expanded to sell vintage-inspired pieces by various indie designers. What I like the most about them is that they have new arrivals everyday and have a great variety of styles. They also sell accessories, bags, belts, jewellery, books and appartment furnishing. All prices are in US but they ship to Canada!!! Here are my season's fave picks (image courtesy or Click on images for full sizes.

1.Rock'N'Bowl dress, 49.99$
2.Temporary Secretary Dress in Summer, 137.99$

3.Cloris Skirt, 36.99$
4.Sweet Dress o' Mine, 74.99$

5.Shutter Speed Bag, 299.99$
6.Juice Bar Shades, 11.99$

7.Brown Peacock Feather Tights, 29.99$
8.Floral Essence Heel, 124.99$

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Show me your inner fashion stylist!

Always dreamed of becoming a fashion stylist? Time for you to make your fantasies become true! can help you! This amazing online software offers you a great selection of clothes, from tops to bottoms, passing by jewellery and bags, made by your favorite designers and brands, changing each seasons! All you have to do is to choose your model and create the best outfit you can! And it gives you the chance to connect with the worldwide fashionistas and fashion stylists community! Don't tell me you won't get addicted...

Let me share with you some of my creations. And please follow my profile and vote for my looks!
Club Lights
Rock Steady

Rocking Peplum
Sweet Lily

Yeah, as you can see, I'm a huge fan of rock/urban balmain-inspired style! Can't wait to see your creations hotties! Here is my profile.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Waist Belt

How to make a plain or "ordinary" outfit look more stylish and glamorous? Add yourself a waist belt! Believe me, it's not a waste of money. Look in the "far far away" section of your closet (you know, the dresses, oversized shirts or tuniques you don't wear anymore) and give them a second life. People will ask you "is that a new shirt" and you'll be the only one to know the real answer. Shhh! It's our dirty little secret.

Colors you should take: auburn/cognac brown (this is THE color on Spring/Summer 2010), black, white, brown, beige or sand brown, gold or silver if you want to add a little more fantaisy or for the evening. And you MUST own a studded belt, if you like the rock/military look that we see EVERYWHERE this season (think Balmain, Balmain!).


1.Matthew Williamson, 955$ (on Net-à-Porter)
2.Temperley London, 430$ (on Net-à-Porter)
3.Le Chateau, 25$ (in their stores)
4.Le Garage, 19,90$ (in their stores)
5.Chinese Laundry, 27.99 (on Mod Cloth)

So what do think? Would you wear waist belts? Any cute find you'd like to share?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

If I was a rich girl

If I were a rich girl, I would buy a condo and transform it into a huge walk-in closet to store all the clothes of my dream. And I would have my own beauty salon with all the equipment and make-up I need to make me a pretty superstar. And I would share this wealth with my friends, who would be allowed to borrow me all the clothes and make-up they want...

No more dreaming. I'm not a rich girl (-not yet) so the only way to share with you, my friends, all this fashion and beauty knowledge I am accumulating through the years is to have a fashion blog. Because, believe it or not, in my friendly fashion crowd, I am Dr Couture. And I love to have those nights where I help them out with their hairdos and make-up (I secretly want to be a make-up artist, but shhhh don't tell anyone!).

Happy to be back in the blogosphere! Waiting for your comments and suggestions, little monsters (copyright to my fashion Queen, Lady Gaga).