Friday, April 16, 2010

Waist Belt

How to make a plain or "ordinary" outfit look more stylish and glamorous? Add yourself a waist belt! Believe me, it's not a waste of money. Look in the "far far away" section of your closet (you know, the dresses, oversized shirts or tuniques you don't wear anymore) and give them a second life. People will ask you "is that a new shirt" and you'll be the only one to know the real answer. Shhh! It's our dirty little secret.

Colors you should take: auburn/cognac brown (this is THE color on Spring/Summer 2010), black, white, brown, beige or sand brown, gold or silver if you want to add a little more fantaisy or for the evening. And you MUST own a studded belt, if you like the rock/military look that we see EVERYWHERE this season (think Balmain, Balmain!).


1.Matthew Williamson, 955$ (on Net-à-Porter)
2.Temperley London, 430$ (on Net-à-Porter)
3.Le Chateau, 25$ (in their stores)
4.Le Garage, 19,90$ (in their stores)
5.Chinese Laundry, 27.99 (on Mod Cloth)

So what do think? Would you wear waist belts? Any cute find you'd like to share?


  1. love #1 . of course my favourite is the most expensive. damnnnn

  2. btw i LOVE her outfit on the picture

  3. we share the same tastes BB, my fave one is also the Matthew Williamson. Oh and MK is suuucccchhhh a fashion inspiration. I love her. <3