Sunday, April 18, 2010

Show me your inner fashion stylist!

Always dreamed of becoming a fashion stylist? Time for you to make your fantasies become true! can help you! This amazing online software offers you a great selection of clothes, from tops to bottoms, passing by jewellery and bags, made by your favorite designers and brands, changing each seasons! All you have to do is to choose your model and create the best outfit you can! And it gives you the chance to connect with the worldwide fashionistas and fashion stylists community! Don't tell me you won't get addicted...

Let me share with you some of my creations. And please follow my profile and vote for my looks!
Club Lights
Rock Steady

Rocking Peplum
Sweet Lily

Yeah, as you can see, I'm a huge fan of rock/urban balmain-inspired style! Can't wait to see your creations hotties! Here is my profile.

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