Thursday, November 18, 2010

Changes and Tumblr

Finally back to blogging, a little late (ok, let's say it, I'm super late) but finally got something to write. I've been very busy and anxious these days, I'm seriously considering changing my field of study in university (I'm currently studying psychology-counselling, but tried some law courses and drama school a few years ago). I'm still trying to figure out where's my place. Back to law school? Public relations? International management? Fashion (marketing)? Oh and let me add, film studies. Tons of questions, few answers. My friends are almost desperate and so am I.

To ease my pain, I'm doing some online "pictures" shopping. I've always loved looking at fashion or beauty editorials, stars photoshoots, and I've been collecting pictures on my computer since the day I was born [on the internet sphere]. So I decided that maybe I should open a Tumblr account and share it with you. It's called Carolina's Fashion Dreams and I invite you to join Tumblr If you haven't done it yet.

See you soon. I'll keep you updated with my career change, which involves moving to another city.


  1. i feel your pain! i am confused about what i want to study also!


  2. Well I never had that problem, I was knew I wanted to be a vet. But you can always change your major, if you are really thinking about it, probably you're not in your best field.

    Hey enter my best friends giveaway, it's 3 h&m+Lanvin pieces!


  3. @Sara, it's very nice of you to invite me to your friend's giveaway!

    @Leigh Hope you'll find what you want to study too!