Monday, July 4, 2011

Baby it's a Firework

Happy late July 1rst to my fellow canadians and Happy 4th of July to my american friends and readers!

What inspires me now?

Katy Perry, earth-tone make-up, Rock'n'Roll, beach blonde hair, Ray Bans, jeans shorts, the colors turqoise and orange, denim jackets, skulls, bright pink lipstick, the brand Free People.

(just to be cute)

Special Mention: these cross heels shoes!

Credits: Fashion Gone Rogue, Nasty Gal, I Love Wildfox, Terry's Diary, C'est Vogue, Studded Hearts, Fashionising


  1. Inspiration *-*

    Love love love!

  2. I love Katy Perry!
    I will be putting up a post about her sometime this week, hopefully you will follow my blog!


  3. where can I get those cross heels