Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Formula

I'm shopping for new clothes and just got a new camera for Christmas, which made me remember that I wanna change the formula of the blog. Completely. New name, new layout, new themes, more fashion inspiration, shopping ideas, streetwear, style and "what I wore today" posts.

Hopefully, the changes will be ready on march. During this time,

1. please send me your suggestions for a new name
2. tell me what kind of posts you like
3. tell me what are your favorite styles (edgy, boho, grunge-chic, etc)
4. would you like me to include menswear posts?

5. and visit me on TUMBLR



  1. I personally think you should do what you want initially and then tweek as you go! :-)
    I love change so it sounds fabulous!
    I plan on upping my blog game too.
    XXX to you- Emily

    PS- Doing a Giveaway!--vintage clutch x

  2. Thank you very much Emily for your comments. I'm still working on the changes, though i feel like I need a little more inspiration.

    Will definitely enter the giveaway! :)

  3. I love chic outfits ;)

    Lots of hugs,